dimanche 24 juin 2012

تويتر جون سينا 2
Interestingly, that since yesterday and do not talk to some fans only wrestling news of the death of wrestler and star of the first John Cena .. This came from a popular site has a page for news coverage and wrestling, but he attracts to him attention even put a title and a subject alien to the death of John Cena .. Is the writer wondered died John Cena? .. And extended it to describe the incident as a gang strike Sina 7 bullets and died in hospital Lata Jonio in Washington after the U.S. attack the mafia .. In the same way that the news writer said it might be common and may be forgotten and the fact that interested the information is to search n not rumor.
And the truth is as follows .. Completely false story for several reasons, mainly that the WWE itself did not comment on the death of the most important wrestler .. And that "Twitter" is not a reliable source of information only if spread across different locations .. If the writer has the same tire a bit in the search for this story is found to be written on the forums for over 5 days and was then claimed by the gang the Rock!!
جون سينا يدخل غرفة العمليات في 2008Most importantly of all, this whole story is false Cena on two occasions the first was in March 2011, an since a year from now when he wrote Sina on Twitter as all rumors and the health of this talk at all, and the second was on January 16, 2012, when it was said also that he had died in an accident car because of the gang as well.

Is relied upon by the false news dating back to August 28, 2008 when he entered the Sinai to the work process at the bottom of the back "disc" and the injury received from him after losing to Batista at SummerSlam that year .. And the process took 90 minutes to take a long rest after a year and a half years.


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